Job as a pilot

If you have desided to become a pilot it is important to check the options you have.
Most common for faroese students is to attend a Danish Flight Academy but this is by far the only option.
There are advantages and disadvantages attending a Danish Flight Academy.

Known language
Easy to travel between The Faroe Islands and Denmark
Many faroese students are living in Denmark

Usually more expensive

There are more advantages and disadvantages than the ones mentioned but as it kan be individual we will not go any deeper. Which Flight Academy to attend to is up to you and we will not mention any in particular. But you are welcome to ask questions on our forum where our members can share their experience or take a look at our list of flight academies.

The work is not only about sitting in the aircraft and controlling the aircraft. That is the least part. It has been mentioned that 90% of the work is on the ground and that is not all incorrect.
It is not 90% of the time, but work it self. Because if you have made your preparations as good as possible then you "only" need to carry out the plan.
It is no secret that the job as a pilot becomes more and more automatic with time and therefore much of the time is spent observing and communication to Air Traffic Controllers while the autopilot does its work.
Where the autopilot carries out the flying most of the time, someone need to think or tell the autopilot where to fly. It can not make desisions.

Medical examination
In order to work as a pilot, one has to pass a special medical examination. This can only be at approved places. This link is to the Danish Medical Center.
Flyvemedicinsk Center

The education can take 18 months or several years. It is often up the individual when choosing flight academy. The reason for the difference is that you can take the whole education continously or in sections. You have to figure out what suits you best. It may be work, children or something else that may be the cause you can not take an intensive 2 year education and therefore you must take it in sections.
There might also be huge difference in the cost. In Denmark the price it somewhere between 450.000 kr. and 700.000 kr. Elsewhere 300.000 or 800.000 kr. So you have to check the cost and if there are possibilities for any official support. Some schools offer living facilities in form of a room included the price and therefore will this not be an extra expence, which you have to take into consideration.

The education starts with basic theoretical issues followed by basic flying. This time interval is short, 2-6 months. Then you start to go more into the theoretical part.

Theoretical subjects are:
Air Law
Aircraft General Knowledge
Mass and Balance
Flight Planning
Human Performance
Radio Navigation
Operational Procedures
Principles of Flight


Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways official webpage


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