The Faroese Pilot Union would like to aks everyone who points laser beams against aircrafts to be more careful and to stop.
Although it has no affect on the aircraft, the light disturbs the pilots. And if the pilots are hit in the eyes, the can be momentaraly blinded.
A note is also sent to parents to warn their children about this possible hazard.

Laser beams can be harmful for the eyes. And for a pilot a minor eye injury can have a huge affect on the person, as he might have to stop working due to this eye injury.

Faroese Pilot Union
26. januar 2015

Other news
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04/03/2014 - Atlantic Airways 7,4 mio. kr. profit in 2013.
11/01/2014 - Last Avro RJ-100 leaves the company in August 2014.
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23/08/2012 - The best place to built a new airport in the Faroe Islands is Glyvursnes.

Atlantic Airways

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26. January 2015
Note about laser beams